The Lennyrifle (or The ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) rifle) is an auto-shoot-and-reload assault rifle invented by Dremora Stormcloak. The idea was originally brought up by DroidUnit774, who has the second rifle. Only two Lennyrifles have ever been made, and they belong to the previously mentioned creators of said gun.


The beginning of the Lennyrifle begun when DroidUnit774 mentioned it, when it was non-existent. Dremora Stormcloak proceeded to create the Lennyrifle, but only 2 were made, and they belong to Droid and Dremora each.


The Lennyrifle has the appearance of an ACR 6.8 from COD:Modern Warfare III with a golden camo. It has the face of Lenny on both sides. It also has a default sight attachment added to it. The actual sight looks like the Red Dot Sight from MWIII, but instead of a simple red dot as sight, it has a small, glowing-red Lenny face.

Attack Method

If the user pulls the trigger on the gun, it will not shoot out normal bullets. Instead it shoots out bullets shaped like Lenny faces. These bullets are wider and are thus more likely to hit targets than normal bullets.



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