Zero is a rendition of FredBear. He plays a villain role.


In 1972, the original FredBear prototype was created, the creator, Frederick Bearins, used him in the diner for 4 Years, before a new model was brought in. The designers found something strange while working to take apart the Generation 1 model. This resulted in them activating a strange part added by one of the old designers, and it gave this FredBear sentient life. Time had passed and the diner was attacked one night, FredBear G1 was left in the Parts & Service room, but he had broken out to fight off the intruders. Police saw and attempted to destroy him, but he escaped, in attempts to keep into society, he failed. Eventually leading him to abandon all hope, and hide away in a forest. Years later, overtime, this model had succumbed to darkness, and his heart was no longer pure. He changed, he didn't even look like FredBear anymore, he became Zero. And he was looking to create an army, an army to destroy life as we know it.


Zero, while now being mostly evil, still has a heart, he is mostly vicious against all, but sometimes he opens his heart up. He can be corny, and sometimes spout out jokes, but he is mostly a cold-blooded killer only interested in his own needs and wants. He is no force to be reckoned with.




  • Zero is based off an old character the roleplayer used from a roleplay called Abandoned.
  • Zero has only ever killed 3 people, 2 of which were robots like himself, the other a small little girl he found in the woods.
    • Zero actually feels he hasn't killed enough, and so he is hoping to change that.
  • Zero's ideals can change from time to time.

Zero's Minion Types


Standard Minion



Base of Operations


How I Roleplay

I usually will describe events around me, sometimes going into bitter detail, of course, I won't do this always, since trying to describe say, someone getting murdered, isn't in my best interests. I also can be minor characters such as my minions. Since it's much better in my case that way. Should also mention, I don't like being teleported around, I mend myself.

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