Dogsy, called K-9 by Phone Guy is a fan animatronic in Five Nights at Freddy's 2.


K-9 has a round, black head with short, stubby fur spouts from the sides in a similar manner to Foxy. His right eye is gone, and his left eye's iris is inchworm green. He has floppy ears. On his body, only his chest remains. His chest is pitch black with a dark grey underside. He has no arms, only holes with wires pouring out. His endoskeleton "spine" is just a pole with wires spiraling around it, and it ends at a big circle for the waist. His right leg is gone, with wires tumbling out of the hole.

"Repaired" Version

Sometimes, after dying by K-9, you will see a full body shot of him before he got mangled. His arms and legs are rather scrawny, he has brown pants, and his right eye has a mauve iris.


K-9 follows a set path, rarely going backwards a room. He goes in this pattern;

Parts & Service > Main Hall > Party Room 3 > Right Air Vent > Office

Nightly Activity

Night 1

Completely inactive.

Night 2

1 in a 200 chance to head for the office.

Night 3

1 in a 100 chance to head for the office.

Night 4

1 in a 20 chance to head for the office, quickly leaves rooms.

Night 5

WILL head for office. Almost instantly leaves P&S room.

Night 6

WILL head for office, extremely active.

Night 7



  • K-9 sounds like Canine, another word for "dog".
  • Sometimes, if K-9 has not left his room, he will rarely be seen climbing a wall.
  • His left foot almost looks like a hook, showing that his feet might have been diagonal, but straight at the toe area.
  • K-9 bears great resemblance to Foxy or Mangle.