The Grand Lockjaw is a animatronic made by Nat García.


The Grand Lockjaw is a human animatronic with a black shirt and pants. He wears a long and sharp black bowtie and a black hat with a red stripe. He appears to have large red eyes. The Grand Lockjaw also haves spikes on his eyes sockets and his left hand is replaced with a bloody knife while his right foot is replaced with many spikes. The Grand Lockjaw haves very long claws and haves five fingers on each hand and five toes on each foot. The Grand Lockjaw haves 5 rows of Sharp teeth on each jaw. His body is also torn up with many wires pooking out.


Ultra rifle

The ultra rifle is one of the main weapons of The Grand Lockjaw. It haves 6 barrels, a grenade launcher, a mini rocket launcher and a high firing rate.

FNaF World


The Grand Lockjaw returns once again at FNaF World, but, unlike the others he haves no adventure counterpart and The Grand Lockjaw is the strongest animatronic, meaning that he is last one unlocked


The Grand Lockjaw looks similar to his original appearance, only smaller and his teeth are less sharper.


Name Effect Damage Color
Jumpscares Paralyzes all enemies for 8 turns 0 Green
Falcon Punch Attacks an enemy with heavy damage 125 Red
Shots Attacks all enemies dealing low damage with his super rifle 12 Orange

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