When Bartek and others entered the world, the real world became cracking up and burning. Fleetway.Exe: Can you smell victory? Sonic.exe: YES YES! WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MASTER COME HERE! ????????:Finally,,,.... YOU WILL GET ABSORBED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! exe and fleetway: N- ARGH!!!!!!!! Meanwhile at the Ink World: Bartek: COme on step it up! Jacob: AHHHH A EVIL COW PIG MONSTROSITY! FabIAN;SHUT UP *KILLS IT* Bartek: *gets captured by a space ship* OH NO! NUUUUUU! ??????:Hahahahahaha DIE CLONE! Bartek: who are you? ?????????: I AM BARTREX! THE DESTRUCTOR GOD! Candy: OH NO HE IS EVIL! DUN DUN DUN! Fabian: DIE BLACK RABBIT! Bartrex: Life noobs... TO BE CONTINUED

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