(I made an new account here it is) START! *strange guy reveals self and says: ITS ME! BONNIE THE BUNNY! I AM ALIVE! Freddy: HOW?! YOU BURNED!!!!!!!! *Bartek goes in the manager office 1 and checks Candy's location while saying: ... -___- Are you kidding me?! THAT IS SO CLOSE TO ME!* *He also shuts the door and tells Kuba/Jacob to slash Freddy and jacob does that* Bonnie:*makes a pentagram from his brown power water thing* MY NEW THING I MADE! Bartek*reveals a map to another world called INK POWER WORLD* Lets go there and create Bendy once again but with more power! *others and all follow him. WAIT WHAT IS THAT!? A MONSTER IS STALKING THEM (Monster name is:DarkRex) Bartek and others and more others got there. Candy:Are we there yet? Bart- Bartek: YES WE ARE YOU IDIOT!

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