Bartek shouted at all of the friends and class members that he made another horror place. Jestro: SO CREEPY I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! Kuba: Ummm, its UGLY! Bartek: WHAT DID YOU SAY?! *Barteks brings out swords and starts pointing them at Kuba* Kuba: Sorry :(. Bartek: WINKY FACE!!!!1 *Does winky face*

Bartek came to show them the first entrance way: THE MAZE! Bartek shouted the word :THE SPOOKY SCARY MAZE OF SPOOKINESS THINGY! Fabian: THATS A COOL NAME! Bartek: Thx. *Bartek said that he made two halls and hole ways and vent ways to enter the building* Candy came to find a vent anc crawl to get in the third office. A monitor in the third office said.: Bartek:OMG CANDY!!!!!!1 KILL HIM!!!! *Bartek locks the office hall* Kuba: OH NO HOW DO WE GET IN THEM?! Teacher: Calm down. BARTEK TELL US NOW!

Bartek: We don't need to! Kuba: Bu-. Bartek: THERE ARE TWO MANAGER OFFICES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jestro: CMON LETS GO IN!!!!!!!!!! Bartek:Oh i forgot that there are actually 3 halls in the maze

To be continued.

Credit to The LEGO Group and Emil Ace MACKO!

Wait its not over i just gave credit.

Bartek and the others were lost in the vent maze.



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