A lot of years ago, in FNaC 3 Rat and Cat died by Vinnie. Bartek (ME) saw that and took away them and left a message saying that he is becoming what he is right now in the nights. One day he made them monsters and left in his house. (AKA The girls house. this is a fan story so i can write what ever i want) After the nights, vinnie became human again and made a puppet for kids (Sad Puppet). Bartek came back and made a robot who was originally called: ROARER V.1. It was a terrible and creepy robot. Bartek and his sister and Kuba made it a living creature.Bartek then found a GIANT NAGA DRAGON THING!!!! He named it Cheese O' Lactase. He used the suits to make the world's first ScareSuit. But it possesed itself and Bartek comes to Vinnie and haunts him....


Credit to Emil Ace Macko