These are legit animatronic OCs. These are not jokes. Seriously! Do not edit without permission given by Showtime von Party.

The Awesome Trio is a group of three special animatronics. They all have a certain attrubute that aids them in their journey to defeat the MLG animatronics and their leader, MLG Freddy.

Sweg Mangle

Sweg Mangle is a white fox animatronic, who dons pixelated sunglasses and a cigar that never burns out. She is female, contrary to the usual genderlessness of the Mangle line. She is very calm in most situations and usually just waits something out. Sweg Mangle is seen as the most important of the trio, being the one to call her two friends to battle and leading them to places they need to go. Her special power is being able to breathe fire, by swallowing her cigar and opening her mouth. The cigar always returns, somehow.

Dorito Bonnie

Dorito Bonnie is a male, light blue and polished bunny animatronic. He is light-hearted and kind, and will always rush to help someone hurt or stranded. He never leads a group, he always will tag along behind. His power is being able to summon Doritos out of thin air and use them to his advantage.

Derp Foxy

Derp Foxy is a red fox animatronic, constantly bearing a strange look with his eyes in different directions. He is dim-witted but strong and fast, and is a vital asset to the trio. He will gladly rush into battle, always thinking that life is just a game or a joke. He never seems to get hurt by anything, running into walls at full force and stumbling backward without a scratch. His special power is being able to run at the speed of light, although he does not know where he is going.

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