Thanksgiving Tord is one of the many versions of Tord Larsson. He is trigger happy, uses guns a lot, and loves Thanksgiving.


TT has orangish-brownish spiky hair, and he wears a red hoodie over a light gray shirt. His pants are a dark gray, and his shoes are pitch black. His appearance resembles that of his normal self, since TT is an alter ego of Tord. The only difference is that he wears a black and orange pilgrim hat.
IMG 20151115 102542

Thanksgiving Tord


Thanksgiving Tord isn't really a different body of Tord, but of course, rather an alternative ego. He has the same characteristics as the normal Tord, but he just loves Thanksgiving. Every year he intrudes someone's house on Thanksgiving and shoots everywhere with his gun, eventually scaring the people off so he can eat whatever they made himself. Greedy bastard.

Other stuff

TT is an idiot.

That's all folks

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