The T300 Terminator was made within the Year 3329.    

The T800 gets send back in time Multiple times to Terminate Targets which had caused many problems, or caused bad future events. 

T800 was also sent to a time in 1987 to terminate a Man named the "Purple Man" which failed as he got destroyed by Purple Man.


He has a silver colour like Body.

His Head is in the shape of a human skull with glowing red eyes.

Human Look

His Human Look or better known as the T800's human Tissue, helps him blend into the Public when finding the target.

T800 always runs into trouble while trying to find the Target, however, if he is badly damaged, and if his Metal Skeleton shows, then the Skeleton may be the weak spot, depending on which type of metal it is.

His Human look has the name of "Steve" in case anyone asks.

Steve has very short black hair, he wairs a black hoodie (Un-Zipped) with a white T-Shirt underneath. He wears black jeans and black boots.