Okay so I know I have been gone for some time and I realize nobody cared. Not a problem. For some Characters I noticed on this wiki I have realized would not be totally labeled family friendly like in the Fazbears Establishment. So I was inspired to write a story for them. For the characters who are more teen oriented and young adult oriented. This Story would have the Maximum rating of PG-13. Unlike other pages anyone can edit and add to this page. The rules are simple, don't end the story, don't kill off main characters, and don't be OP. Thats a double on the last one. Be descriptive. I will tolerate a lot on this but none of the above. Also leave your signature after your chapter or part edit. (~~~ freeman23 ) like so. This allows me to know who participated and allows me to check in with you guys and gals when I have the time. I am starting the story off, so feel free to add.

Characters that have no name, other than Janitor or night guard, are allowed to be killed, tortured, and mutilated beyond redemption.

Freddy Fazbears Pizza looking for a New Night guard. Paying 8.50 an hour now. Not responsible for death or dismemberment.

"Death or dismemberment?" groaned a dark brown haired 6ft tall near 21 year old. " Next thing they'll be telling me is that I am a Terminator."

The late teen chuckles to himself, as he pushes the door open and enters the restaurant.

After signing the proper papers to be employed he is given a Purple dress shirt and a purple base ball cap. And told to be in the security office by 11pm.

"By the way, on night three we've decided to to change the schedule so that after 6pm till 11:30pm we will remove the kiddie animatronics and release the more teen related and mature animatronics, so we need you to help get at least 2 animatronics locked up before we activate their free roam circuits. But for now these two days you should just have the regular cast to watch." the Manager informs him.

"Thanks I guess." He says in reply.

"Your name again?" the manager asks.

"Samuel," The teen says in reply.

Till 11Pm then.


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