Name: Tania D. Tigress, AKA ‘Officer Striker’

Gender: Female (formerly male)

Species: Tiger

Class: Security Guard

Color: Orange with a white underbelly and black stripes

Height: 7’4”

Weight: 250 lbs

Eye Color: Green, though flashes grey/silver when memories of her human life come out

Hair Color: Blonde

Theme Song: Honkytonk Badonkadonk

Appearance: Tania has long, blonde hair and often wears a modified version of the standard male Freddy Fazbear security outfit over top of a leather leotard. Said leotard and accompanying gloves and boots are a muted dull blue with silver buckles and black zippers. Her outfit, due to her design, is form-fitting in nature, though elastic enough to be non-restrictive. Her security uniform has been damaged and modified to better fit her body build.  

Unlike most animatronics, Tania’s “endoskeleton” is purely non-mechanical on its own, instead using a mechanical ‘lung’ as well as on-board elastic air tanks in the chest, belly, and buttocks to provide an air-supply for her pneumatic muscles, designed to work with her ‘flesh-like’ latex outer layer to make her movements more human-like.

[Potentially NSFW artwork of this character exists, it was originally done by the artist ‘Argento’, used with permission. Said artwork breaks the Wikia ToS regarding image content and has, thus, been left OFF of this entry for the sake of the children.]

Occupation: Tania herself was originally meant to be part of a burlesque-themed ‘After dark’ attraction before panic and protest canned the project. While the whole ‘Fazbear After Dark’ idea was canned, Tania’s completed build was never scrapped, instead kept in the Parts & Service room indefinitely, effectively lifeless.  

History: Tania may have sat lifeless for decades, but the night guard who followed Mike Schmidt after the events of FNaF1, known as Theodore Williams, wound up giving her the life needed.

Lasting nearly a month against the ‘Classic crew’, he was eventually captured after being sabotaged by Golden Freddy.  Unlike most, his ‘stuffing’, as he calls it, wasn't an immediate death sentence, though his spirit bound to the slumbering AI of Tania, resulting in a weird hodge-podge of the sultry and flirtatious feline and the heroic, yet thrill-seeking and short-tempered security guard.

Specialty: Tania’s specialty is in thinking ‘like a human’, usually trying to predict how others will act or react and working in the manner that most suits her goals. Usually, this means outsmarting hostile animatronics or stopping glitching ones to minimize the loss of life around the pizzeria. During daylight business hours she works alongside dayshift guards to ensure no unwanted... incidents occur.

Power: Purely due to her design, Tania can inhale air and keep it under pressure for a few seconds. Whens she does this it allows her to force air into her muscles far faster than normal, causing her speed to go from slightly slower than an average human to MUCH faster for a brief amount of time.

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