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T.Carmine is a COG Gear version of Tails.exe (From Sonic.exe Creepypasta). He is a sneaky animatronic with a helmet. His helmet visor allows him to see in the dark if he needs to. Be warned-if you are caught by him, he will stab you with a knife in the back of your head. You will get stuffed into a suit if killed by him. Some of his notable quotes are "TAKE THAT YOU PIECE OF SHIT!", "Aw, did i hurt you, Little Nightguard--FUCK YOU!" "OPEN THE DOORS YOU PIECE OF SHIT!". Another thing is that he will attack other animatronics if they try and steal his helmet. He carries a Lancer, (Gears of War) and the chainsaw part of it is broken but he can still shoot you.


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