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You can read Suit-255. In fact, you may only read it, but don't edit it without Chiselerlikescheese's permission; unless you are fixing spelling mistakes. Also keep Mangle's gender how it is. Thank you.

Suit-255 is a hippo Animatronic. He is kept in the sewers of Freddy's Funland, because he's dangerous.


Suit-255 is gray in color, he is also withered. His suit head is missing, along with his lower legs and feet. His chest has a long rip in it and his right hand and upper arm's suit covering is missing. He is also missing his left forearm, (lower arm) and wires are in its place. His endo-eyes glow red.


Suit-255's jumpscare, is him screaming in your face, and then putting his hand over your view


  • Suit-255 will get a new model (when i learn to model)
  • His scream has not been made yet
  • The 255 in his name has no meaning.
    • In addition, he was originally going to be called Suit 200.
    • User Cutiegaming stated that the name almost sounded like an SCP name, which the maker of this page agrees with. That was not intended.

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