"The sights of hell brings it's viewers back in"


Suicide Mouse, a Creepypasta Character which is a Old Mickey Mouse Cartoon back in the 1930's which is in Black and White, however, this One is meant to be Mickey endlessly walking down the Side Walk, with his hands behind his back, with distorted music playing in the background, this may of gave Fear to it's viewers. 


Suicde Mouse is a grey styled Mickey Suit, based of the Old Cartoons. 

He always has his hands behind his back which is based of the Creepypasta.


When Suicide Mouse is not awake, the building is quiet (which ever location he is in), once he awakens to get the guard, the distorted music will then echo through the whole building, alerting those who are in it, that he is awake.

When walking around the building, Suicide Mouse has his hands behind his back, but when approaching someone, he reaches his arms out, preparing to attack who ever is there.

When walking into a Location, that room becomes black and white, also his face appearing on any Pictures around that area.



"Suicidemouse.AVI" Creepypasta

The Suicide Mouse Creepypasta being talked about by Mr Creepypasta

This video is the youtuber Mr. Creepypasta saying the story about the Suicide Mouse creepypasta.



The Cartoon footage of the Suicide Mouse creepypasta page, also at the ending marked in the Russian language, translates into "The sights of hell brings it's viewers back in"

Also including screaming for after a few minutes into the video.