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Your e-mail address and identity will be kept anonymous unless you message us plans of hurting others/yourself. Suggestions will be added into this grid/box along with details as to how they've been handled and if they've been handled. Resolved suggestions will be cleared out on Fridays at 12:00 AM US Central Time.

Suggestion Solution Resolved?
Example Suggestion Example Solution 0cxWjTo.png
Staff should get each members' thoughts before changing user rights (demoting/promoting), modifying rules (adding/removing/changing rules), or releasing a user from their ban. Also, aesthetic/cosmetic (looks/theme of the Wiki) changes should be discussed. For all of these, majority wins. Regarding chat, chat moderators' and administrators' inputs should be counted. For things outside of chat (site bans, theme, promoting/demoting to/from Admin) should be based only off of administrators' input. Awaiting feedback. Staff is still not implementing this, which can be an easy downfall for a Wiki. Tr1N5s9.png
Staff should have a Skype or some sort of other group messaging system in which they can all talk together, or at the very least use their message walls to discuss things. Some admins are in a group chat, but not all of them. Very few chat mods, if any, are in a group chat. Awaiting further feedback. Tr1N5s9.png

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