Scrawny Faggas

Subaru's FB profile pic. You won't find him anyway.


Subaru is a 'lil scrawny boy. No need to explain. You all probably know him, because he never leaves the chat. He doesn't have friends and he's doing nothing productive all day.


Subaru is a goddamn pervert. Everybody should know it, just for your virginity. And 'yall should know one thing. Don't mess with him or he'll cut off your afros. Or he'll cut off your dicks. Or even put nails in your... Mkay, let's change the SUBject. His one and true love is the chocolate. He loves chocolate. Anyway, Subby is homosexual, so he's afraid of the girls and breasts. He doesn't like to hug girls and he never touched girl's butt. He's just scared when he sees a chick in bikini and he has a heart attack when he sees some handsome boy kissing a girl. He's also fucking Pab (non canon) and Silv (canon)


Subby is really skinny. He's got pale skin and he doesn't even know where does he have his organs. But he haves a goddamn anaconda butt. His legs are looking like SUBmarines. He's gotta 'lil palms and he loves to has long nails to attack his enemies and unfriendly bullies. He never does a make-up or some shit like that. He can be gay without things like that. He also wears cute, nerdy glasses. He loves to wear oversize sweatshirts and tight jeans to make him look slimmer. He's gotta big, brown eyes and girly eyelashes. He's got a brown, idk which long hair with a fagg forelock too.


  • Subby loves to write. He's writing slashes the most.
  • His best friend made him gay because he kissed him randomly.
  • He had a blue hair but his mother ordered him to change them to brown back.
  • His fav band is Mindless Self Indulgence.
  • He loves to draw a homosexual art.