The storage facility is just what you would expect it to be by the title,a warehouse where the older and scrapped animatronics were put,(admittedly there where loads of other failures but those were kept because they had no money to give to the storage facility so they could only afford to have the v2 animatronics and the original animatronics sent there)as the night guard you might fend off all kinds of animatronics,including heavily withered versions of the candy's mascots,freddy's mascots(including the ones from game 1,and even more heavily withered versions of the toy animatronics,and even the funtime animatronics were sent there),the tubbybots(even more heavily withered versions of old po and the prototypes and withered versions of the v2 tubbybots)fredbear(including his toy and funtime versions)the springbubba's mascots,the john's mascots,and the tigie's mascots(including the redesigned teletubby animatronics)springtrap,(including his toy and funtime version,and the funtime and toy version of springbonnie)spring john's mascots,Thomas the bear and his fellow mascots,chip's mascots(from one week at chip's)and so on and so on.

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