"Please, I'd be cautious about that thing, it's not Nightmare's...worse. His teeth are sharper, he can rip through flesh in seconds. careful..."

-Phone Guy talking about Stitch Bonnie.

Stitch Bonnie is an animatronic with very little similarity to Bonnie. He stands 6 feet and 2 inches tall and has extremely sharp teeth (like how Phone Guy mentions) and very big claws, though they don't do alot of damage. His eyes are bloodred and look shot, and has stitches all over his costume, hence the name "Stitch Bonnie". His left ear is also half missing.


  • Stitch Bonnie is also nicknamed "Hell Bonnie" or "Hellish Bonnie", this is due to the features on Stitch Bonnie.
  • Though he is supposed to be a creepy version of Bonnie, despite the color, Stitch Bonnie bares more of a resemblance to Springtrap.
    • Stitch Bonnie and Springtrap actually may be connected in some way.

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