Steve is a ghost that haunts Freddy Fazbear's pizza he is owned by TheUnrealPanda


Steve is very slender and tall, being exactly six feet tall and weighs 191 pounds. He has spikey hair and completely white eyes along with fairly sharp canine teeth for some odd reason. He had much of a bowl haircut in grade and high school but changed it later on, he is also known to wear shirts that are bands such as Nirvana, Beatles, The Doors, Gorillaz, Jimmy Hendrix, etc...


Steve was born In 1966, being a single child he was lonely and shy, however he was good at one thing... Guitar. He was taught by his dad and himself, inspired Jimmy Hendrix, Jim Morrison, and John Lennon. In 1987 he started as the very first night gaurd in the new Freddy's however the company lied about him being switched to day shift... He died on his fifth night he turned into a ghost we all know! He had moved with the company and lives backstage.


To cut things straight... He's an asshole, making fun of people's relationships. He LOVES music, video games and learning about weapons oddly... And watching horror movies and he loves surrealism. He also NOPES!


- Like I said he loves surrealism and weapons.

- Even though he's a ghost he is scared by clowns.

- He was in a cover band before he died called The Flying Pigs.

- His favorite band is the Gorillaz.

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