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HP: 6051 ATK: 456 DEF: 5000


Steel Bartech, is a robot, made for destroying Tech Island, but Steel Bartech betrayed his unknown creator, and started attacking all. He seems to have some spikes at the end of his head. His main color, is a fusion of crimson, dark brown, and dark grey. On his left arm, his wrist, has some accesories, letting him shoot fire balls. His right hand, has a double chainsaw (One circle on top, on the botton has a more longer one.).


S.B, seems to have no emotions, like other robots, but instead, he is also a bit lazy, Like Bartech, he also sleeps rarely or often.



Mechanoid Angler, Withered Bartech, Steel BartechBot.


As Bartech and other Neonians, know that he hates Bartrex, Knightmare, and robots. But they don't know 1 thing: How many robots he hates: Ultra Walkers, Dark Jacorexes, Mad Flyers, his copies, and MUCH MORE, but not all.

Trivia (IDK why im putting this)

  • He is made for a non-FNaF game: Neon Kombat
  • I just made a new account, my last one was gone.
  • idk what to say.

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