Star is a light blue cat.She has a top hat,a bow tie,and two buttons.She holds a micro phone in her hand.She has a long tail.

During the day 

In the day she is lead singer.She sings with Oscar the penguin and Ruffy Puppy.She also takes orders and gives the costumers .She along with the other animatronics come of stage and interacts with kids by saying stuff like"are you enjoying your stay here"or"Make sure to watch the show when it starts"!


She was built in 1980 just like the others

She caused the bite of 1982 and got remolded just like the others

stars full name is star sweetcat


Oscar the penguin:Star dosent get along with Oscar that well mainly because he is annoying.

Ruffy Puppy:She is Ruffys girl .She  him out when .

Katie the Bunny:Her and Katie are like BFFs.They always hang out when they get the chance.

Other animatronics 


Oscar the penguin coming soon!

Ruffy Puppy coming soon!

Katie the Bunny coming soon!

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