Springmare is a fan-made, official antagonist in Abandoned.


He is Springtrap, except that he is a nightcap state. He is orange-brown in color, but brighter. In his first jumpscare, he looks smoother. In the second jumpscare he has no eyes with spikes in his eye sockets similar to Nightmare Suicide Mouse. He also seems to have a thin ring over the spikes.


He will activate from Night 1, and begin starting from CAM 6, If he was NOT watched too long, he will get up. If you didn't watch him for more, he will go into CAM 6 and contine all until he wins The Office, he will kill the player if bringing the camera up or putting the mask up within 1 second. The player's needs are to equip the mask right imeddiately when he got onto the Office.


  • The player never defends from him in the Nightmare Night, because of no camera during this night.

Will never fill up.

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