• I have come up with nick names for the following loyal chat people

Arkaine Destiny= old spice guy also known as Spice or tamale

Alex Finucane= Stroodle for quirky attitude and funny jokes alos can be called stroodlernoodle

ABattery= Duracell strong Battery always calm under pressure

Dan Uzamaki=- Kabuto (manga name?)

GforGolden =Gold standard in my opinion 1 of the best people on the chat

dalokohs Pootis Spencer=poppedpootis funny (dunno if that's true) and quite swaggy

theEndomaster= enderplate

Mangleytyg= the mop

TF2 Demoman= special thanks to alex= DEmopan the pan of a man

Tumblr n833x3DPcC1saa3oao1 500

feel free to leave any names or nicknames of one i missed :D


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