Sparky, Model AH 87 "Zerstörer der Welten" (Destroyer of worlds)

Creation Date

Late 1939- Early 1940's




made as a war Bot that used What Is Known as a Flux Capacitator for a main source of energy. Created by the Nazis, he fought in multiple battles alongside some of the most evilly genius war lovers around. His Flux Capacitator was Stolen by Foxy The Pirate in the battle of Stalingrad, and he was captured alongside over 500 German soldiers and brought back to Russia, where he had labored for 16 hours straight, 2 were for "The Courtyard", where prisoners violently rioted and killed each other, and 6 for sleeping. He escaped and fled to America where to this day plots his revenge against his greatest enemy, Foxy.

Abilities & Personality

even though his Capacitator has been stolen over 50–60 years ago, he still retains power from it VIA wireless transmission and gains energy for him to repair himself, power Rockets in his feet, and, If he gets enough energy, Blast a beam of that similar to Godzilla's atomic breath.

PERSONALITY: due to his Nazi origins, he is mean, cold hearted, and a slight bit crazy.


Passive: doesn't want to kill anyone, calm

Angered: ticked, but not willing to kill anything just yet

Berserk: Ready to kill

War: His ultimate form, Gaining a stronger energetic pull from the capacitor. But if he is on this stage for 45 minutes or more, he starts to malfunction.

Fun Facts

1.f rumor has it, Sparky is actually friends with Bonnie, whom he gave an upgrade to allow him to hack into things with his wires, and a capability to use his hand as a buzz saw.

2. Sparky was actually the first of the Nazi robots to have a titanium endoskeleton.

3. Even though he can't use it, Foxy actually keeps the capacitor as a trophy.

4. Even though he claims not to know what The Flux capacitor is, but he actually does know, he just forgot after the 1970s, when Fazbear Entertainment wiped all memory of the Capacitor. So, he keeps something he forgot about as a trophy, huh, weird!


1. Has human like emotions and will get emotionally attached to specific items

2. Cannot consume Oil, like other robots. This is a toxin to him

3. Has some of the same weaknesses as humans ("Swift kicks", amputation, ETC.)

4. Can actually bleed out.

5. Has a self-destruct button somewhere where his body meets his neck.

6. Can become dehydrated, starve to death, ETC.

7. can actually die if placed in toxin for too long