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You can read Sora the Spider. In fact, you may only read it, but don't edit it without Chiselerlikescheese's permission; unless you are fixing spelling mistakes. Also keep Mangle's gender how it is. Thank you.

Sora the Spider is a spider animatronic that, unlike the other animatronics, doesn't have a humanoid shape. He has the shape of an arachnid. Sora is not aggressive and often leaves the other animatronics covered in webs. He is red in color and, except in FNaF 2, has his endoskeleton eyes visible.


Sora began when the engineers tried to see if they could make a non-humanoid robot. The endoskeleton and suit were successful, but the engineers couldn't work out the rest. Just as they were about to give up, the animatronic came to life! Not only that, but he also worked perfectly. Not much is known about how Sora started working, but he appears to have a sub-conscience...

FNaF 1

Sora starts Backstage. After he leaves Backstage, he basically just wanders around the world map and covers other animatronics he encounters in webs, Marie being an exception, leaving them immobilized for a few seconds. Sora is extremely active, first activates on Night 2, and doesn't go into The Office. He does sometimes go to the door's blind spot to keep others out, however.

FNaF 2

Sora starts in the Game Area. On night two, he will then just wander around and web robots. Since he sees with his endoskeleton eyes, Sora's plastic animatronic eyes cloud his vision. So, if he goes into the office to check on you, do not put on the Freddy mask or he will mistake you for Freddy and attack you!

FNaF 3

Sora first becomes active on Night 3 and begins in you-know-where. If he goes into your office, there will be no errors as long as he decides to stick around. He still webs Animatronics.

FNaF 4

Sora is now hostile, and Unknown Monster, in reversal, is now passive Work in progress


  • Sora's original name was going to be Chompy, but I decided to change it.
  • Sora has a Dark counterpart, but more on that will be revealed later.
  • When I mentioned an animatronic named Marie, I meant another one of my characters I haven't posted yet. When I do post her, this fact will be removed.
  • I once ended up on this page with random page.
  • This is the oldest character made by CLC

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