OkAi dis iz mai ocee paeg dOnUt STEEL U THEFZ!!!111


dis iz mai ocee soonaykc de suopr fest hegeHohG! He eez ay bluu hegehOj hoo runz supr fest und ken homang attuck!!!! Sankxci hez ay yillow fux frend kalld Toolz.



soonaykc wuz juanc ay nurmal brun hedgehov but den he run 2 fest and den he bacem bluu. Naow he iz wat he iz 2day and nojuan nut evn ductr robuttnak ken chaeng soonaykc. DONUT HAET MAI PRETTY OCEE GAIZ SOONAYKC WILL B DISPOTIN!! >>::(((


Soonaykc haz alut of frenz kuz hee iz su cuul. He haz a fat bitch naemd Amee Roys stalkin hem and Soonaykc haz 2 feed mcdonalz burgr 2 her.

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