Sonic is a mobian from planet Möbius that found himself transported to Earth.


Sonic finds Freddy Fazbear's Pizza (and Fazbear's Fright) to work a night shift and defend himself against the animatronics that attempt to kill him.


Sonic has his speed guy, hardcore, adventurous attitude that keeps him running in style.


  • Sonic doesn't need trivia.
  • WHAT? 
  • More photos needed, this isn't even Trivia.

    What? Sonic.exe? Hey wait this still counts.

  • OK one more photo...
    Super sonic final

    Super Sonic? Yes!

  • Yeah, I'm out of ideas....


During a night shift at Fazbear's Fright Sonic was about to be scared by Phantom BB, but Sonic lowered the monitor and kicked him in the face then proceeded to stomp on BB and he said "Inhale" every 20 minutes while doing his job. Then when it hit 6:00 AM Phantom BB said "Fuck this I quit this job" and then began working at a McDonalds, but he was fired for trying to sell balloons and scaring the customers away. Eventually he got a job at a train station, but he died on the job. And that day forward Sonic was always a part of Freddy's night of debauchery. Simply for killing the enragment child and being a badass that's scared of a fan.

The End.

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