Ever since the death of Songbird back in 1912, about 200 years later in 2112, a company which built Songbird decided to build another one, this time with better tech, and stronger features on the body. They made Songbird 2.0, which features include:

  • Stronger metal in body and claws.
  • Improved scanner for any crinimals
  • Ability to fly faster.
  • And ability to survive underwater.

But the model ain't perfect, it had sometimes been destroyed or malfunctioned due to recent effects from Crinimal Activity across the city, so of course it's defeatable.


The Songbird 2.0's appearance is basically nearly the same as his older model, bird like shape, leather coverings from rain or any hazardes weather.

When different sort of events happen, depends on which type, Songbird's eyes can change color:

  • Red- Danger Mode
  • Green- Friendly Mode
  • Yellow- Natural Mode.

Songbird 2.0 is a big mechanical creature, bigger than a Person and even a House! (Not Mansions nor Castles)


Friendly: Yes

Of course the Songbird is friendly when nothing bad is happening, but anything bad which happens like Bank robs or hostage hold ups, the Songbird 2.0 will not be as friendly then.

Songbird 2.0 can also scan any person, checking for any dangerous or hazardes weapons they have on them.