Sly Cooper
Full name Sly Cooper
Species Raccoon
Gender Male
Occupation Master thief
Location Paris
Color Gray

Sly Cooper is an anthropomorphic raccoon who is a master thief. He is from a family of thieves himself, and holds a family book named "The Thievius Raccoonus" which contains all of the Cooper family's secrets, plans, and details about their heists.


Sly has gray fur with a black mask on his face, and a blue shirt, cap and boots. He wears a yellow handkerchief and has a yellow belt on his waist. He carries a brown cane with a gold hook as the tip of it and he uses the hook to grasp onto many things.


As a child, Sly's parents were murdered by a robotic owl named Clockwerk. He has two friends, named Bentley and Murray. The three always planned a heist to steal cookies as infants and thus giving Sly his reputation of "master thief".


  • Cyrille Le Paradox
  • El Jefe
  • The Grizz
  • Sheriff Toothpick
  • The Black Baron/Knight
  • Clockwerk (Arch-nemesis)
  • Mrs. Decibel


  • Riochi Cooper
  • Tennessee Kid Cooper
  • "Bob" Cooper
  • Sir Galleth Cooper
  • Salim Al Kupar


  • Bentley
  • Murray
  • Penelope
  • Carmelita
  • Curson


  • Though he may have a personal love interest into Carmelita, Sly is eligible for even humans.
  • Sly has a VERY large clan, consisting of over 100 family members.
  • Sly's European name was "Sly Raccoon" instead of "Sly Cooper".
  • Sly's two of many ancestors, Sir Galleth Cooper and Tennessee " Kid" Cooper, bare a strong resemblance to Sly himself.
  • Sly has a developing relationship with Curson.


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