Skyler/IceStrike is one of two girls on crystal team and the first girl to join.


Skyler (or Sky)c is your basic 17 year old. She loves One Direction as much as watching YouTube and playing Minecraft on her iPhone.


Skyler has shoulder length black hair and hazel eyes. She often wears a navy-blue shirt and grey pants.


Sky is nice enough, joking around, but can be really mean to those she doesn't like. She once gave a man a black eye after the man tried to hit her.


Skyler was the first girl to join a wrestling squad at her school. She knows all the moves and is not nevous to use them (do NOT, get in the way of her Suplex)


IceStrike is a member of crystal team.


Like the other members of Crystal Team, IceStike is a basic humanoid figure with bulging chest, arm and leg muscles (which are sky-blue). The rest of her body is a dark blue. She was whiteish-blue eyes and icicles for hair.


IceStrike can summon an Ice Nagita on command and shoot solid balls of ice and water balls as well

Joining Crystal Team

Skyler/IceStrikew way of getting into crystal team is currently unknown

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