credit to deebeef for concept

sinnamun da kawayy fox anamtronx is mai holy ocee donut steel


sinnamun ish a supr cuut and kawayy fox anamtronx he ish so cuut x33333

he iz brun wit a wiet tael tep and red glowng eyez tat maeks anyjuan arouzd


mai ocee


sinnamun ish a luvng and adorabz anamtronx everyjuan luvs hem and wuntz 2 marray hem 4evr. he luvs evryajun and lieks bad gaiz 4 no reson even da bad gaiz luv hem.

<333333 so adorbz!!!! x33333

frenz und famy

evryjuan ish frenz wit sinnamun cus evryjuan luvs hem su muuch

sinnamun haz nu enemaiz cus da bad gaiz also liek hem xx3333 <33333333


sinnamun ken du everythg in da univrz since he ish su adorbz and cuut!

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