Were you looking for one of Silver's counterparts: Toy Silver, Phantom Silver, or Nightmare Silver?

And don't forget to check backstage too because Silver the Peguses might attack if you leave her alone for to long but I'm not implying she'll kill you just don't let her catch you.

- Phone Guy mentioning Silver on Night 2


As her name suggests Silver is a silver peguses with silver wings and eyes. However 1 of her wings are missing which exposes her endoskeleton. Her other wing is tattered slightl. However the rest of her body seems to be in perfect condition with the exeption of the few holes on her belly.


Silver will start in the Backstage Area. She will only move to the Show Stage if all the Animtronices have left the Show Stage. It is advised for the player to watch the Show Stage so Freddy doesn't leave. However this dangerous because if Feddy hasn't left by 2am then Silver will teleport to Pirates Cove. This will trigger Foxy's sprint. It will also cause Freddy to leave the Show Stage. Then Silver will teleport to the Show Stage. From then on she can no longer teleport. She will then go to the Dining Hall. After that she will go to the Kitchen. The player would know this because when she is in the kitchen you will hear rapid flapping noises coming from the kitchen. Then she will automatically appear in the East Hall. Then she will go to the East Hall Corner. Once she is seen in the East Hall Corner the player must immediately shut the right door or else after 10 seconds Silver will sneak in the office. The player will hear weak flapping noises before she jumpscares the player resulting in a Game Over.


  • The possible theory for her being backstage is because she may have caused the Bite of 87. This is supported because of the fact that her jaw always hangs open. Also when she jumpscarcares the player one will see blood inside her mouth.
  • The only time she has her endoskeleton eyes is when she is jumpscaring the player.
  • on rare occasions when starting the night an eyeless Silver screen will appear before fading.
  • Sometimes a Silver paper plate doll will randomly appear in the office. It is unknown what triggers this.
  • Strangly the only time she appears in the second game is in Parts an Service. But she will never leave parts an Service.

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