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Full name Sig
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Bounty hunter
Location Spargus


Sig is originally sent to Haven City by Damas to search his son, Mar. While searching for Mar, Sig met Krew, a big gang lord. He quickly started to work for him with a job for collecting artifacts and hunting for Metal Heads .


Sig is a tall, husky human with dark skin. He has a syntetic left eye, the use of which is unknown, possibly for medical issues. His armor is made of Metal Head's shell what protects his body. He always crries a Peace Maker rifle (which is not shown in the picture).


Sig had a couple of games he made an appearance in:

Jak II - As an ally of Jak, Sig made a first appearance in this game. He later gets eaten by a Metal-Pede but survives and appears in Jak III.

Jak III - Again, as an ally of Jak, his second appearance begins in "Arena of Death", where his appearance ends in the same place.

Jak X: Combat Racing - His third and last appearance appears in the cutscene as an ally, but enemy on the tracks.

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