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Shrek is an antagonist in the upcoming game, Five Nights at Memes.


Shrek is a green ogre, with a rather obese build and fit in regular village clothes. He is bald, and does not have any facial hair (with the exception of eyebrows). Part of his big build, he also has large hands which makes it easy for him to attack.


Shrek is quite rude and often come across as frightening, as he scares villagers for his own pleasure. However, he is a rather nice person when on good terms with each other. 

Role in-game

Shrek is one of the "ani-meme-tronics" in FNaM and is often the first one to move from his original location. When Shrek is near the player, a lullaby version of "All Star" by Smash Mouth will play. When jumpscaring the player, he will scream his iconic quote, "GET OUT OF MY SWAMP!"

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