About this Character

This Shadow Bonnie is a different Shadow Bonnie from a sister location of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, which this soul once came from a malfunctioning animatronic, this Shadow still has the form of what that animatronic had. 

This Shadow has been seeking on revenge on both his Parents and the Guard, as when this soul was once a child, his Parents had left him stranded in the Pizzeria, which then the Night Guard, found the child, and killed him, the Guard had then hidden the Child's body in the animatronic Bonnie. which then a few years later, the animatronic malfunctioned and got scrapped.


Shadow Bonnie has the same appearance, a pitch black body, and glowing white teeth and eyes, which he is also in a Bunny Shape, like Toy Bonnie's.

The Form before he was a Shadow is that he looked like Toy Bonnie, except he had Bonnie's colour.


Once the Guard is in the Office, Shadow Bonnie will appear in the Office like Golden Freddy, which will then corrupt the lights and flashlight if the player is too late to hide under the desk, once the Flashlight and Office light had been corrupted, the Office will be pitch black for a few seconds, but if Unlucky, one of the Animatronics may attack the Guard.

Shadow Bonnie can also Possess Animatronics and can only possess them for a Short Period of Time, which when time is up, SB will automatically exit the body, and cannot enter the same body after 24 hours.