Shader Zel was a animatronic built for Fredbear's Family Diner in 1975, After a Set of events, He and Zero got remodeled for Shader's Family Diner in 1983, and then Got Remodeled agian for Shader's Chicken Hut in 1992, then agian For Shader's Fun Palace in 1998 (which the resturant was finished in 2000), Then A final time for the now current Shader's Family World in 2020


Like a few other animatronics, the current version of Shader that is used is suppost to be Very Realistic, Shader is an Alien called a glitch (See ) , He is golden in Color, has a Purple Hat and Bowtie, and has vibrant red eyes


Due to Shader being a Animatronic Programmed with a Free Will personality, Over a many year period, its possible for his Personality to be Affected, but Currently, He is a Quite Social Animatronic, He has a liking for certain people, he dosent usually want to hurt people, but if he comes across a murderer, he will become angry, and attempt to render the murderer unconsious, and sound the alarm for the police


-The Creator of this character has plans to make a FNAF Fan-Game series based on him

-He has a Nightmarish Evil Counterpart Called Chaos Shader

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