What makes you think we don't want to be bound to this world?
— Sentinel Freddy's spirit personality questioning someone.

Sentinel Freddy is a version of Freddy that came about in 2019 during an event known as "The Great Glitch". He is an unwilling spreader of the Glitch.


Sentinel Freddy looks similar to Freddy, but with major changes. His head, hat, and parts of his torso are normal, but his other appendages are not. His arms and legs are distorted, stained a garish red and pink in color. His right arm is completely replaced with the arm of an Umber Hulk. His back is extremely glitchy, and functions as a portal to a different dimension. He can summon a large Grick out of his back to do his bidding, but he only summons it in times of great emotion.


He has a split personality, both of which belonging to him and the spirit possessing him. The Freddy side is overly apologetic and fears what might happen to his friends and people near him, while the ghost side is insane. The spirit’s insanity is one of manipulative, obsessive hatred. The spirit has turned from an avenged spirit that is still thirsty for blood to a puppet master of radical influence on those less intelligent than it. The spirit personality is the dominant personality, and the Freddy personality only comes out if the other personality is tired or weakened.

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