We are creatures of appetite. I want to feel your hunger. I want to see your true face.
— Sentinel Bonnie to a bystander.
Sentinel Bonnie is a version of Bonnie that came about in 2019 during an event known as "The Great Glitch". He is a spreader of the glitch.


Sentinel Bonnie appears to be a mass of multicolored cubes and other shapes. His body mass can change shape to suit his needs. The only thinag left of him that were not affected by the Glitch are his head and hands, but his ears were also effected. His ears have become a pair flexible, bident-like appendages. Their length varies from being mere millimeters long to be as long as the Burj Khalifa is tall. He has no control over what their length is, but he can control them like tendrils.


Bonnie has changed from a fun-loving, caring person to a proudly psychotic, perverse predator whose life mission is to assist in the Glitch's progress and revel in its bloody, apocalyptic rampage. He sees his monstrous actions as "the sharing of love", and refers to his underlings as "my loves", but he has a bad habit of brutally killing them. He is lascivious and never tries to hide it, regardless of the situation he is put in. He violently abhors Sentinel Freddy's views, and (very hypocritically) insults him for being a warden of sorts.

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