Shinohara Seiko is a ghost haunting the Freddy Fazbear's Pizza locations, after her untimely death.


(Copied content from the CP wiki because they described Seiko perfectly. Credit for the text goes to them.)

Seiko is a teenage girl of somewhat shorter height and below average build with amber eyes and long brown hair that she styles into two curls on both sides of her head, just beneath her ears. She also wears a white barrette on the left side of her head. Seiko has a natural kitty mouth/smile, which is especially noticeable when she's devious or being perverted.

She wears a tan-colored sailor outfit with a blue collar and lighter blue cuffs. Her uniform also consists of a yellow bow held by a blue brooch to the top, and a blue pleated skirt. Her student ID is pinned to the bottom of her top. Seiko also wears black mid-calf socks and blue uwabaki slippers.


Seiko is extremely cheerful, energetic, and playful. She's a bit of a pervert, but can hide it easily. Unlike appearances, she can get sad very quickly, and can harbor a good portion of resentment. She also has an extreme fear of bathrooms.


Not much is known about Seiko, due to the fact that most records on her were destroyed after her death. It is, however, known that she was murdered by the Purple Guy, and was found hanging, dead, in the bathroom stalls.


  • She can understand Zalgo.
  • She knows a good portion of spells and curses.
  • She can decipher codes if she has enough time.
  • She can sweet-talk almost anyone into doing almost anything.


  • She is played by PierrotEclipse.
  • She is originally from the Corpse Party series.
  • Seiko actually prefers to hang out around Pirate's Cove, talking with Foxy.

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