A original character and an idea.


Very active, starts on Night 1. Prevents 1 death normally. Starts in a random room. Sometimes shown in the Hall. It must be in The Office to protect you. After preventing 1 death it will go to a random room, then try to kill you. Very high difficulty. Also stays in The Office in an amount of time.


Manager: Hey, We might need a security bot, in case any animatronics try to disturb the security.

Building Engineer: I agree. It would be smart. in case anything bad happens, like that... Purple Guy.

Manager: Let's build!


The higher A.I., the less often it appears in the Office, the shorter duration. And the less protection, the more often it attacks!

A.I. Differences

0 Infinite Protections. Also is always In The Office (basically debug or something like that)

1-5 3 Defense. In The Office 3/4 of The Night, Low Attack Difficulty

6-10 2 Defense. In The Office 1/2 Of Night, Medium Attack Difficulty

17-19 1 Defense In The Office, Rarely, Super Deadly.

20 Always hostile, INSANE DIFFICULTY

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