Scroxy is a fox obviously his skin colors are white and light blue. His tail and ears are blue, but his body is white. He wears an eye patch and a pirate hat, and is about Plushtrap's size.

Possessed By

A kid by the name of Zach! He was brutally murdered by Purple Guy because, he was such a little brat Vincent then snapped and got sick and tired of his whining and put him to sleep...forever.


His Behavior is similar to Foxy's...except he is more aggressive then the other animatornics. He doesn't stuff the player in the suit but instead make their mind snap and turn them insane letting them hear whispers for hell.


There is a Toy Scroxy but 'it' was canceled due to the company not having enough money to finish him so his appearance is...terrifying for a child. Both eyeballs are missing there is wires coming out of his mouth,he also has no arm and no feet due to not being finished and most of the plastic wasn't finished.

The ORIGINAL Appearance

the original one looks dismantled his right ear is missing,lots of his skins is ripped off,half of his face is torn,and he doesn't have a left hand.


He is a phantom his appearance is similar to his original one except he looks burned and has gotten a LITTLE big...


His name is Nightmare Scroxy (obviously) he is basically like PlushTrap but, more dismantled His face is missing (not his head his face) he has sharp teeth,he has been called "The Broken Scrox" on Freddy Fazbear's Pizza (the first pizzeria),he has no eyes meaning he only goes by hearing movements. It is rare but sometimes he goes inside the hall to peek and then goes inside the room to kill you. This means he was just impatient.


  • He doesn't have the same behavior as Foxy in FNAF4

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