Scream, my made up Animatronic. (Special thanks to BoneTailAJ)

This is Scream when she was destroyed.


Scream before she was destroyed.

"Uh, hehe, *clears throat* Did you see that, uh, wolf animatronic Backstage? Uh, well, she was created to entertain toddlers, but, uh, the stage broke one day, and, uh, she malfunctioned, and killed the repairman we hired to fix her. She had another name, but, uh, most of us call her Scream, now, watch out for her..."

Phone Guy, FNaF 1, Night 2.

Scream is a wolf animatronic who is badly damaged. She was created for the purpose of entertaining toddlers and young kids. However, one day, the stage collapsed, horribly damaging her to the state she is in now and when she was going to get repaired, she killed the repairman and hurt an employee as well, so they put her Backstage.


Scream is a wolf animatronic. She has a a large hole in her face, a tear in her stomach (which shows her endoskeleton), a missing ear, and another tear in her arm, showing the endoskeleton again.


Scream was made to play with little kids and toddlers, but one day on stage, for an unknown reason, it collapsed. Scream saved a child, but was horribly damaged. She also malfunctioned, so when they tried to repair her, she killed the repairman, and hurt an employee, so they put her backstage, hoping she would stay there and never be turned on again. However, one day she woke up, and has wanted revenge on all the employees since then for scrapping her.

Active Nights

Night 1: Inactive.

Night 2: Somewhat Active.

Night 3: Very Active.

Night 4: Almost seems to never leave the door.

Night 5: Can jumpscare you as early as 12 AM during the middle of the Phone Call.

Night 6: If not watching, she can get you while the Phone would be ringing!

Custom Night: At 0, she is not active, but at 1, she is, and at 20, she is as bad as Night 6.

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