"Night Guard requested, for what less than 130 bucks a week? Seriously, I'll take the job." Samuel Huan on his first day after touring the FNaF 1 Location.

Samuel Huan, served as a night guard for the FNaF 1 location for nearly one year before being fired under shady reasons. His first nights were some of the craziest in his life.


Very adept with bad situations. Great improviser especially on his second night. found several ways to keep the doors closed even when the power went off. And used a Powerful Magnet to prevent Freddy from teleporting to the office.

Found a way to bring a second generator into the office and welded the vents shut. Eventually he was able to use his generator and the places for back up.

He rarely loses fellow employees but one girl hit him hard, when she died, since then he began to take more drastic unconventional approaches.

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