Sammy is the first born son of Young Foxy and Toy Foxy the Fox. He is only 2 months old and is so close to speaking yet still far from learning. He has yellow eyes with red fur but pink stomach, his tail is just red.


Name- Sammy the Fox

Age- 3 months old

Soul Type- Cute, Dark and Love

Height- 1"11

Weight- 4 stone 7

Fave Food- Malk (milk)

Allergen: Waffles

Mom- Toy Foxy the Fox

Dad-  Young Foxy

Auntie- Mangle-Jr

Sister- Melody The Fox


Sammy unlike his sister is very needy and helpless, he can't do anything without guidance or people doing it for him, Sammy is also very lazy, he likes to sleep a lot but yet is very active when he is awake. He has a dark soul but his dark soul has never appeared as Sammy is always happy go lucky, he is young, cute and yet doesn't know his powers, Sammy loves plushies and sweets and will try doing anything for attention. He is also a prankster and tries to scare people but ends up being cute instead.

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