Sammy the Squirrel is a newcomer to the Freddy Fazbear's Pizza restaurant. He is updated to the latest mechanisms, and according to his creators, he is bound to never have any sort of malfunctions or problems.

However, just weeks after he arrives at the business, his suit comes loose at night whilst dormant, and the rest of the animatronics recognize him as an intruder and attack him. By morning he is a mess with a torn off arm from Chica, a ripped suit at the head from Bonnie, a foot lost from Freddy and a malfunctioning voice box from Foxy (get the irony from the injury caused by Foxy?).

The restaurant never found time to mend Sammy, and he was way too heavy to move, so he stayed in the trash bin just outside of The Office. Over the years, it was said that he decomposed so his endoskeleton was left along with shreds of costume. But after all those years, some idiot dropped a Gameboy with FNaF on it. Sammy quickly learned why he was never part of the group, but, with him reduced to shreds and skeleton, he could never make a reappearance, and so, every night, he makes an appearance from the bin room.


Sammy is mainly an endoskeleton. However, it is said that he has wires drooping out of his eyes and legs/arms and that he has red shreds hanging on to his skeleton, giving him a look that makes him seem like he has blood on him. (NOTE: His skin is made of thick cloth to make him better for kids to be with.)


Sammy is in a joining room from the East Hall. A camera is placed by the door so you can see him. The room is fairly small, housing a single green container and a garage-style door. He will have four positions:

  • Inside the bin, the bin lid opened a crack to reveal his dreaded face, him having stepped out by one leg over the brim of the bin and him looking up at the camera.
  • In the East hallway, the same camera will be used but with an extra door by the wall, leading to the bin room.
  • At East Hall Corner, he has the same position as Chica, but not looking at the camera.
  • He does not have the ability to enter the room by the power of teleportation, like Freddy.


He is active only on Night 3. Each night, he gets harder until by Night 5 he is almost definitely going to appear at the corner. On Night 3, he is about as active as Freddy, on Night 4, he is about as active as Foxy, and, on Night 5, he is about as active as Chica/Bonnie. On Night 5, he can appear by only 1 A.M.