DISCLAIMER: This is going by the former belief that the Purple Guy stuffed the children into the suits, and that Golden Freddy was the suit used by the Purple Guy.

Sachiko Shinozaki was a patron of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, being one of the children who was at the murder scene.


See the photo to the right.


Sachiko is a shy and quiet girl, with a love of the paranormal, and a dislike of the color purple. She fears adult males, due to witnessing one (The Purple Guy) murder 5 of her classmates, and stuff them into animatronic suits.

How She Witnessed The Murders

Sachiko was with 5 of her friends at Freddy Fazbear's, when she saw a Golden Freddy suit lead them away to the backroom. Sachiko, being curious, decided to follow her friends, but remain out of sight. Upon arriving at the backroom, when the kids entered, she followed closely behind, hiding out of their sight. She could only watch, horror-struck, as the Purple Guy shed his Golden Freddy disguise, and promptly murdered her friends, stuffing them into the animatronic suits.


Nothing special just yet, besides somehow being extremely skilled at wielding scissors.


None yet. Will be revealed later.


  • The art of Sachiko that I used actually is from Corpse Party 2U. It's a spinoff of the Corpse Party series, detailing Sachiko's birthday.
  • In this AU, Sachiko was never killed by Takamine Yanagihori. (If I misspelled his name, feel free to edit it to how it should be.)

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