This is a thing about story of FNAF, and stuff... yeah, do not hate if is short, nobody cares, I'm just doing how I think the FNAF story went.

Part 1: Fredbears

A man called Daniel gets called on the phone.

"Hello? Hey there, uhh.. we need you now, something.. happened.. just.. Just get here ok?" The guy on the phone says, then hanging up.

Daniel goes to his car and drives to fredbears, and once he is there, he exits the car, and sees a dead child by the door.

"What the heck..?" He calls the police, and they soon arrive, talking with daniel and then investigating.

"Can somebody get this kid to a hospital or something? Cuz from the looks of it he is injured.." Daniel says.

"Oh my god.. hes dead isn't he..?" Daniel says.

Daniel then enters the building, seeing 3 kids and 2 animatronics, Fredbear and Spring Bonnie on stage.

"It couldn't have been those 2.." Daniel quietly says, grunting.

"God dangit.. we need to shut down this place.."



Part 2: Freddy Fazbears Pizza 1987

The kids are being entertained by the 3 main animatronics, but 4 of them decide to go to Kid's Cove, and they find Toy Foxy.

The kids start taking off parts of toy foxy, and start putting them everywhere, ripping of his suit.

"STOP..." Toy Foxy says in a robotic and glitchy voice, but the kids would not stop, as they continued to rip apart toy foxy.


"STOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPP!!!!!!" Toy Foxy yells, jumping at a kid and biting their frontal lobe off...



Part 3: Freddy Fazbears Pizza 1993

Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica are entertaining the kids (MORE WILL BE ADDED)

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