This is a list of expectations that all staff members are heavily encouraged to follow.

  • Of course every user on the wiki should follow the normal Rules and Guidelines! We do not make any exclusions for staff. No matter how much power you hold, you are expected to follow the Rules. A link is provided at the top of the page, under the header, in case you need it.
  • We encourage that you try to be the friendliest you can to users, but not to the point that you're flirting with them. Don't sound threatening and try to cuss minimally when giving warnings. We don't want you to show that you're annoyed, either. Try to maintain your cool at all times, and remember, it's okay to take a break!
  • Warn, kick or ban for valid reasons. If you're later giving out punishments to lower-ranked users for something you're doing, that could be considered power abuse!
  • We recommend that before attempting to implement a new feature in the wiki, be sure to contact most other staff members first (especially the owner)! If it's really big, though, you might want to start and highlight a poll on the General Discussion or News and Announcements boards!
    • This includes the creation of new rules.
  • It's always helpful to leave a custom reason in chat ban summaries. Think about it, someone who wonders why a person was banned only to check their contributions and see "Misbehaving in chat" will have a lot of questions. If you want to ensure that no one's gonna question your bans, be sure to leave a valid reason in the module!
    • Screencaps are also very helpful! If you have quick access to imgur, Photobucket, Gyazo, Lightshot or, leave a screen capture of the offending phrase in the module.
    • Ignoring this is acceptable in cases of spam, though. Try to leave "Spam" as a reason in the first spammer's ban module, and the other bans should be relatively easy to figure out.
  • When editing CSS, leave the color: codes as they are. Editing a section of background: code is perfectly fine, but people need to be able to identify other staff members by their base name colours! Some users browse the wiki on Firefox or Internet Explorer. These users cannot see username gradients and rather only people's base name colours.
  • If some other staff member is having an argument with a user, don't jump in. There is no need to intrude on something that is already being sorted. Multiple people trying to disprove someone else's point will make the one user feel threatened, which only makes the situation worse!

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